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Japanese Language



Bangladesh has a good relationship with Japan. Japan is considered as our old friend who is standing beside us in the development of the country. It has been observed that there are lots of opportunities for jobs and higher study in Japan. Due to the growing demand, FLTC Project is providing training on Japanese language for the learners. It has already provided Japanese language Training Course in its Chittagong Govt. College center where about thirty students have received the training. In FLTC, Mirpur Govt. Bangla College, Dhaka it has provided an advanced training course of 180 (one hundred eighty) hours on Japanese language for the workers who intended to go to Japan and work there. A Japanese private company named STG Corporation has recruited some trainees who had completed Japanese language training course from FLTC. FLTC intends to prepare the participants by this course as skilled workforces of international quality.

 Key Features

 Communication: Teaches grammar, vocabulary, and conversational skills in an interactive and fun environment.

Survival English: Teaches English skills necessary for everyday situations such as eating at a restaurant, going to the doctors and shopping for food.

Multimedia Studies:Uses the language audio and video system to teach advanced listening, writing, speaking and reading skills.

Cultural Studies:Practice reading, writing, speaking and listening whilst learning about different cultural traditions.

Course Duration:4 months (3 days a week – 1.5 hours a day)