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Arabic Language



Arabic Language is also considered as important not only for its religious values but also for its economic benefits. Arabic is the state language of 26 Middle East countries and 340 Millions people use it as 1st Language, while the same number of peoples uses it as 2nd Language. The people of the Arab countries use this language in education, business, and administration and at all levels of social interactions. Most of the Middle-East countries have been hiring overseas skilled manpower since long and a large number of Bangladeshi manpower (81% of total overseas employments) has been working in those countries for years. They are earning a significant amount of foreign currencies (64% of total remittance) by rendering their services in those countries.

Now the Middle East job market has become more competitive due to the changing global spectrum. However, to compete with the other developing countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines while sending skilled or semi skilled manpower to the countries of Middle East we have to train up the job seekers in communicative Arabic language. Besides, we have different level of business with the Middle East countries and many Bangladeshi business firms and companies have already initiated their business in the Middle East. But, due to lack of skills in communicative Arabic most of the business firms are facing challenges in dealing with their Arab counterparts. Moreover, the Bangladeshi citizens who go to the Middle-East for either business or work do not get adequate salaries because of their limited proficiency in Arabic.

FLTC is conducting communicative Arabic Language proficiency course for the job seekers and professionals who want to enter into the job-market in the Middle East. The course will help the learners to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Arabic. This course is helping to create a pool of work force having fluency in speaking Arabic language.

 Key Features

Communication: Teaches grammar, vocabulary, and conversational skills in an interactive and fun environment.

Survival English: Teaches English skills necessary for everyday situations such as eating at a restaurant, going to the doctors and shopping for food.

Multimedia Studies:Uses the language audio and video system to teach advanced listening, writing, speaking and reading skills.

Cultural Studies:Practice reading, writing, speaking and listening whilst learning about different cultural traditions.

Course Duration:4 months (3 days a week – 1.5 hours a day)