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Is it a private tuition centre?

No, it's a government project which is under direct supervision of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education and Secondary and Higher Education Department, Ministry of Education.
Is there foreign donation in this project?
No, this project is fully funded by the Ministry of Education, Bangladesh.
Where are the training centers located?
The 31 Foreign Language Training Centers (FLTCs) are located at 29 districts. One FLTC is at International Mother Language Institute, Dhaka and one is at Govt. Madrasa-E-Alia, Dhaka and the remaining 29 centers are established at 29 post-graduate colleges of the 29 districts. Please visit Centers page to find detailed information.
Which language courses are offered at FLTCs?
FLTCs re ready to offer almost any language course if theres a demand for it. However, the regular courses are on English, Arabic, Korean, and French. Japanese and Chinese courses are also offered at centers where there is demand for it.Please visit Courses page to find detailed information.
At what level the language courses are?
The regular courses are offered for participants at Pre-Intermediate level of language competence. However, for tailored/special courses this doesn’t apply. 
Do you run evening courses?
Yes, evening courses are run whenever there is a demand from participants. For the course fees of evening courses, please visit the CourseFees  page.
Do you run customized/special courses?
Yes, along with the daytime and evening courses, special courses are also offered based on the needs of a specific group of participants. For the course fees of special courses, please visit the CourseFees page.
What are the course fees?
For course fees, please visit the CourseFees  page.
Who are the language trainers?
Every FLTC is locally run by an English Language Trainer who got directly recruited for the project. They are all MAs in English Literature or ELT and have received training on language training methodologies.
Trainers of other languages come through a pool of trainers of the project. These trainers have been selected based on their teaching-training experience on respective languages.
Is the certificate government approved?
Since this is a government project, the certificates awarded to course participants after completion of the courses are government approved.