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Message From The Project Director 


Establishment of Foreign Language Training Centers-II (FLTC-II) Project is executed by the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) under the Ministry of Education. The main objective of this project is to develop communicative proficiency in foreign languages. It has established 31 (thirty one) Foreign Language Training Centers (FLTCs) to offer digital language training and learning. FLTC is a great endeavor of the government of Bangladesh to produce skilled manpower able to communicate in foreign languages, enhance employment opportunities and compete in job markets both at home and abroad. The foreign language training programmes at FLTCs offer a comprehensive package for trainees who have completed at least SSC level education or are pursuing higher studies. FLTC also prioritizes those who are bound to enter the job market to earn for livelihood.

Presently FLTC offers courses on English, Arabic, Japanese, Korean and French languages and is also planning to offer courses on other major languages. FLTC’s communicative language courses aim at developing communicative competency on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. It mainly focuses on conversational skills.

I am very delighted to mention that English trainers at FLTC are well-trained and all of them have been graduated with Honours and Master’s in English discipline. All courses at FLTCs are conducted through digital laboratory-based training approach and it is the first of its kind by the government of Bangladesh. The integration of ICT into language training has brought about a differentiated and an ultra modern training approach. Moreover, to create an environment of joyful learning and to optimise the utility of language-laboratory facilities, audio/CD/DVD documentations have been used in the training sessions.

I believe, foreign language courses at FLTCs will usher in a new chapter in Bangladesh in laboratory-based foreign language teaching and learning.

I welcome you all to learn foreign languages at FLTC. I wish your happy and enjoyable language learning here.


 Prof. Mohammad Jasim Uddin.

 Project Director