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1.      Project Title                                 : Establishment of Foreign Language Training Centers-II (FLTC-II) Project (2nd Revised)

2.      a) Sponsoring Ministry/Division : Ministry of Education, Bangladesh

b) Executing Agency                      : Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education

3.  Objectives of the project:

Objectives: The Project targets to achieve the following objectives:


1.      Upgrading existing 12(twelve) Foreign Language Training Centers established at 11(eleven) Govt. Post Graduate Colleges and Govt. Madrasa-E-Alia, Dhaka;

2.      Establishing 18(eighteen) more Foreign Language Training Centers at 18(eighteen) Post Graduate Govt. Colleges of 18(eighteen) districts;

3.      Establishing a 30(thirty) seated Language Laboratory at International Mother Language Institute, Dhaka.

4.      Developing  innovative and computer based multi-lingual teaching & learning materials emphasizing on the integration of ICT;

5.      Developing a web-based language teaching system for making quality language training accessible to a wider range of people;

6.      Forming a National level Certification & Accreditation Authority for recognition of the professional language courses run by FLTC as a standard indicator of someone’s language proficiency;

  1.   Producing skilled manpower having multi-lingual competencies to compete with other nationalities of the world and to help the government earn more foreign remittance;

              8.      Providing a base and initial framework for establishing ‘Foreign Languages Institute’ (FLI) to promote the training of various foreign languages.



4.      Location of the project               : Twenty-nine (29) districts of the country


5.      Project Implementation Period  : 2nd Revised – August 2012 – March 2017


6.      Revised Cost of the Project        : i) Total: Tk 1971.62 Lac         ii) GoB: Tk 1971.62 Lac